Paulina Szafrańska
Academic title:
Research Assistant
Ecophysiology and Behavioral Ecology
Education and scientific degrees
  • PhD: 2010, Warsaw University, Faculty of Biology
  • MSc: 2004, Warsaw University, Faculty of Biology
  • MSc: 2003, Warsaw University, Faculty of Psychology
Research profile

I am interested in evolution of life histories in free-living animals. My research focuses on how the environmental factors shape the physiological traits and how the level of these traits effect individual's fitness. To what extent the observed phenotypic variation in the traits can be explained by the genetic background/variability and the phenotypic plasticity? How much can animals manipulate their physiology in response to changing environmental conditions? Therefore, one of the most interesting period for my research so far, has been winter, when low temperatures and lack of food resources increase pressure of natural selection on small mammals. I am interested in how the constraints in energy budget can shape levels of physiological traits and behaviour of animals and thus influence their strategies to maximize the survival. My current research project is focused on the trade-off between costs of thermoregulation and immunity in partially migratory population of birds.

Research projects
  • Costs of immune response and stable body temperature in a changing climate in birds
  • Influence of daily energy expenditures on winter mortality in root vole Microtus oeconomus
  • Variability of metabolic rate and body size in weasels Mustela nivalis