Mammal Research Institute offers an opportunity for students for a long term practical training, and for all young people to work as volunteers in ongoing research projects in mammalian ecology and conservation biology.

If you would like to start volunteer work, training, or conduct your research at the Instiute, first pick the field/theme of work and contact the appropriate project leader. After her/his approval, send us the application form.

If required by university programme, the students will have a possilility to do their small projects and prepare reports. Along with his/her application, the student/volunteer should send a letter of recommendation from the university or other authorised organisation or person. Signed agreements between the MRI PAS and interested university will give a priority to students from that university.

Opportunity for volunteer work and long-term training is provided in the following research projects:

Forest regeneration and the limiting roles of light and large herbivores in the Białowieża Primeval Forest

All students will also receive general training in various methods of studying, censusing, and conservation of mammals.

The Institute cannot cover the costs of travel and accommodation. Students and volunteers are encouraged to apply for grants from other sources.

If you would like to apply for training or volunteer work at MRI PAS, please read the information and rules given below.

Then please fill and send us the application form:

Using these forms you can sign up for volunteer work or long-term training at Mammal Research Institute. The forms are in MS Word format – please save it onto the hard disk, fill, and send back to us as an e-mail attachment.