EN: (Internship/Volunteer/Bsc/Msc opportunities):

Would you like to conduct research in the unique Białowieża Forest ecosystem, one of the last remnants of primeval forests in Europe? Learn about the ecology of natural forest ecosystems in one of the best ecological research facilities in Poland? See European bisons in their natural environment?

Mammal Research Institute PAS offers a variety of collaboration opportunities for students and volunteers, ranging from volunteering up to writing a thesis together. All interested students and volunteers are welcome to apply!

How to apply? Step by step guide:

  1. Check if we are not looking for volunteers or students here.
  2. Or acknowledge the list of current research project opportunities (https://ibs.bialowieza.pl/en/projects/).
  3. Fill up the short APPLICATION FORM [link], you can also find it on the bottom of the page.
  4. In case you are interested in a specific project, please send the filled-up form directly to the project leader. Contact to project leaders can be found here: https://ibs.bialowieza.pl/en/staff/
  5. In case you do not target a specific call project, send the filled-up form to mripas@ibs.bialowieza.pl.
  1. Researchers interested in collaborating with you will contact you directly. If you don’t receive any reply within 7 days, it means we do not have suitable opportunity for you at the moment. Please try again in the future!

If you have any additional questions, we are happy to answer at mripas@ibs.bialowieza.pl.