Mammal Research Institute
Polish Academy of Sciences

Mammal Research Institute
Polish Academy of Sciences


Recent publications

  • Ratkiewicz M, Coissac E, Świsłocka M... 2024. Winter diet overlap among moose, roe deer and red deer in coniferous and mixed forests depends on snow cover depth. Forest Ecology and Management 556: 121710 DOI: Link
  • Boratyński JS, Iwińska K, Zub K. 2024. Heterothermy use in winter is associated with reduced litter size during subsequent summer breeding. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 12 DOI: 10.3389/fevo.2024.1365549 Link
  • Iwińska K, Wirowska M, Borowski Z... 2024. Energy allocation discloses while behavioural performance persists after fire-disturbance. Journal of Experimental Biology DOI: Link
  • Stefanović M, Bogdanowicz W, Adavoudi R... 2024. Range-wide phylogeography of the golden jackals (Canis aureus) reveals multiple sources of recent spatial expansion and admixture with dogs at the expansion front. Biological Conservation 290 DOI: Link
  • Pilowsky JA, Brown SC, Llamas B... 2023. Millennial processes of population decline, range contraction and near extinction of the European bison. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Biological Sciences DOI: Link
  • Qiu T, Aravena MC, Ascoli D... 2023. Masting is uncommon in trees that depend on mutualist dispersers in the context of global climate and fertility gradients. Nature Plants 9 : 1044-1056. DOI: DOI10.1038/s41477-023-01446-5 Link
  • Selva N, Hobson KA, Zalewski A... 2023. Mammal communities of primeval forests as sentinels of global change. Global Change Biology 30: e17045 DOI: Link
  • Szara T, Klich D, Wójcik AM... 2023. Temporal Trends in Skull Morphology of the European Bison from the 1950s to the Present Day. Diversity 15 (3) 377 DOI: Link
  • Chibowski P, Zegarek M, Zarzycka A... 2023. Ecosystem engineers in the extreme: The modest impact of marmots on vegetation cover and plant nitrogen and phosphorus content in a cold, extremely arid mountain environment. Ecology and Evolution 13: e9948 DOI: Link
  • Niedziałkowska M, Plis K, Marczuk B... 2023. Genetic diversity and complex structure of the European Roe Deer population at a continental scale. Journal of Mammalogy : 1-12. DOI: Link

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