Mammal Research Institute
Polish Academy of Sciences

Mammal Research Institute
Polish Academy of Sciences


Recent publications

  • Gerber N, Riesch F, Bojarska K... 2024. Do recolonizing wolves trigger non-consumptive effects in European ecosystems? A review of evidence.. Wildlife Biology e01229 DOI:
  • Ramirez I J, Kuijper DPJ, Olofsson J... 2024. Applied ecology of fear: A quantitative review on the potential of facilitating human-wildlife coexistence through nonlethal tools. Ecological Solutions and Evidence 5:e12322 DOI: Link
  • Harmsen B J, Williams S, Abarca M... 2024. Estimating species distribution from camera trap by-catch data, using jaguarundi (Herpailurus yagouaroundi) as an example. Diversity and Distributions e13831 DOI:
  • Wróbel A. 2024. Znajdź mnie, jeśli potrafisz: Jak tropić nasiona drzew roznoszone przez zwierzęta?. Wszechświat 125 (1-3) : 52-57.
  • Chibowski P, Zegarek M, Zarzycka A... 2024. Observations on the ecological role of burrow-dwelling mammals in a cold, hyperarid mountain habitat. Mammal Study 49 (2) DOI:
  • Smit C, Kuijper DPJ. 2024. Free-ranging cattle and the return of the wolf: behavioral responses and implications for conservation management. Wildlife Biology (e01237) DOI: 10.1002/wlb3.01237 Link
  • Amsten K, Cromsigt JPGM, Kuijper DPJ... 2024. Pyric herbivory in a temperate European wood-pasture system. Journal of Applied Ecology. Journal of Applied Ecology DOI:
  • Diserens TA, Churski M, Bubnicki JW... 2024. Badgers remain fearless in the face of simulated wolf presence near their setts. Ecology & Evolution 14 (e10654)
  • Hofmeester TR, Mos J, Zub K. 2024. Comparing direct (live-trapping) and indirect (camera-trapping) approaches for estimating the abundance of weasels (Mustela nivalis). Mammalian Biology 104 : 141-148. DOI:
  • Pawełczyk F, Niedziałkowska M, Pawelczyk S... 2024. Retreatment of bone material in the Gliwice Radiocarbon Laboratory using ultrafiltration. Radiocarbon DOI: DOI:10.1017/RDC.2024.32

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