Andrzej Zalewski
Academic title:
Ecophysiology and Behavioral Ecology — leader


Pracownik Stanowisko
dr hab. Ireneusz Ruczyński Profesor IBS PAN
dr Paulina Szafrańska Adiunkt
dr hab. Karol Zub Profesor IBS PAN
dr Jan S. Boratyński Adiunkt
dr Anna Wereszczuk Adiunkt
mgr Marcin Zegarek Biolog
mgr Zuzanna Hałat Doktorant
mgr Ewa Komar Doktorant
Eugeniusz Bujko Starszy Laborant

About the unit

The department’s research focuses around the topics from behavioural ecology and physiology of mammals, mostly rodents, bats, and predatory mammals. Our interests involve the interaction between the evolution of morphological and physiological characteristics, their consequences for the life histories and behavioural plasticity of animals and the population size dynamics. Moreover, we examine the sensory adaptations of mammals to the environment, with specific consideration of the varied hunting strategies and migratory behaviours. In our work we use both field study methods (e.g., radio telemetry, metabolic rate measurements using doubly labelled water, analysis of habitat preferences), and laboratory techniques (methods in molecular and quantitative genetics, behavioural experiments, measurements of the maximal and resting metabolic rate and the level of sex hormones). The results of our studies explain the adaptation of animals to varying environmental conditions in the context of, e.g., climate change or the fluctuation of resources and can be applied in species conservation and mammal population management, including the management of invasive species populations.