Krzysztof Schmidt
Academic title:
Professor MRI PAS
Population Ecology — leader




dr hab. RafalKowalczyk

MRI PAS professor

dr hab. Dries Kuijper

MRI PAS professor

dr hab. Marta Kołodziej-Sobocińska

MRI PAS professor

dr hab. Tomasz Samojlik

Research assistant

dr Marcin Churski

Senior researcher

dr Jakub Bubnicki

Research assistant

dr Emilia Hofman-Kamińska

Research assistant

dr MichałŻmihorski

Senior researcher

mgr Tomasz Kamiński


Roman Kozak

Lab technician


About the unit


The subject of the Unit’s activity are issues concerning the interactions between large ungulate and carnivore mammals and the environment, identification of factors and mechanisms shaping the dynamics and distribution of population, as well as the use of acquired knowledge to develop the scientific basis for protection and management of large mammals. Topics of our research concern the way of space use, predator-prey relationships, including, in particular the mechanisms of direct and indirect impact of large predatory mammals on populations of ungulates. We are also interested in the impact of biotic and abiotic factors on the genetic structure of the population. We conduct research on patterns of use of environments by large ungulate mammals: bison and elk as well as factors influencing their diet and feeding strategies. We apply modern field research methods, such as GPS telemetry, photo-monitoring and laboratory techniques, including genetic, isotopic, hormonal and micro-traces of teeth abrasion. The issues we study concern both the local scale (Białowieża Primeval Forest) and regional (north-eastern Poland), national and European scale. The works of the unithave numerous practical applications in activities for conservation and management of large carnivore and ungulate populations.