05.06.2024 – lynx family in MRI PAS’ photo-trap

Last October, we were delighted to report that one of our photo-traps in Białowieża Primeval Forest had captured a female lynx with three kittens. We took this as a good sign, as observations of successful breeding in these cats are rare. Usually our photo-traps only capture single individuals. At the same time, we were worried about whether our lynx would be able to feed her offspring until they become independent. This is a very difficult task, as kittens grow quickly, eat a lot and usually do not help their mother hunt. A large kill, such as a roe deer, will feed the whole family for just two days. We suspect that the difficulty in hunting a sufficient number of animals decides the fate of the majority of lynx’s kittens born in Białowieża Primeval Forest, which do not live long enough to become independent. To our delight, it turned out that the entire lynx family we registered last year was still doing well in March 2024, as captured by our cameras. This is the last month that kittens will accompany their mother. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the young lynx to make it on their own!