ENETWILD Wildlife: collecting and sharing data on wildlife populations, transmitting animal disease agents
Project duration: 2017-2023
Project status: Active
Project leader: dr Tomasz Podgórski
Project co-investigators: dr Karolina Petrović (project assistant)
dr Tomasz Borowik (project associate)

The ENETWILD project www.enetwild.com is a consortium composed of leading Institutions on wildlife ecology and health funded by the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA). The project aims to create a uniform system of collecting information on the distribution and abundance of selected wildlife species that are vectors of animal and human disease agents.


Currently, the project focuses on collecting information on the distribution and abundance of wild boar in Europe in the context of the spread of African swine fever (ASF). Data from Europe are at the centre of EFSA’s interest due to the growing ASF epidemic among wild boars, high variability of their density and carried out disease control programs. The analysis of these data may significantly contribute to understanding the mechanisms of disease spread and development of methods of its control.

Dr Tomasz Podgórski, project coordinator, dr Tomasz Borowik, project associate and dr Karolina Petrović, project assistant, participate in the project.