04.10.2023 – Lynx family in the institute’s photo-trap

For several years, MRI PAS has been carrying out annual monitoring of large carnivores in Białowieża Primeval Forest using photo-traps. The collected material allows to track the state of their population. And the best indicator for that is reproduction. While the wolf population in BPF is doing well, for many years we have observed that lynx are scarce here and their reproduction is rare to detect. This summer, however, a female leading a trio of kittens was recorded in one of our photo-traps. Although the mother looks emaciated, the kittens seem to be in great shape. No wonder! The kittens spend most of their time munching on their mother’s hunted prey and playing around, while the mother, on the contrary, does the hard work of chasing them through the woods. The family was recorded in September. The lynx still has long months ahead (until next March) of caring for her offspring, which means endless roe deer and red deer hunting to provide food for the fast-growing and increasingly demanding kittens. Let’s hope this lynx is up to the task and the kittens survive to become independent, to strengthen the local population of these beautiful cats.