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20.06.2022 – New article on the phylogentics of roe deer

The paper “Pan-European phylogeography of the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)” by IBS PAN researchers: Kamila Plis, Magdalena Niedzialkowska, Bogumiła Jędrzejewska and Tomasz Borowik, and an international team of 29 authors from all over Europe, for the first time in the history of research on this species has attempted to present information about the phylogenetics of roe deer in the entire range of its occurrence. The inclusion of samples from Central and Eastern Europe in the study allowed to expand the current state of knowledge. The article published in the journal Ecology and Evolution significantly completes the picture of the postglacial diversity of the European roe deer and sheds new light on ongoing processes. The article can be found here: