25.03.2022 Workshops in bioacoustics “Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM)”

We invite you to a 3-day workshops in bioacoustics “Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM)” organised as part of Open Forest Data Spring School, within the framework of the project: „E-Puszcza. Podlaskie repozytorium przyrodniczych danych naukowych”.
The course will cover a series of 3 meetings of 4 hours each (12 hours in total) on three consecutive days 30.03.2022-01.04.2022.
The training is intended for final years students, PhD students, young scientists and other people interested in scientific methods of data analysis. It will conducted online in English.
The course is aimed at giving an overview of the subject of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM). It includes lectures and practicals on:
– fundamentals of acoustics, physical properties of sound propagating through the air medium,
– species-specific characteristics of bird vocalisations,
– basics of acoustic analyses performed with free and commercial softwares,
– deployment of autonomous recording units (ARU),
– methods and techniques of automatic detection of sounds of interest,
– application and interpretation of acoustic indices
The course will be held by: Paweł Szymański (PhD), Michał Budka (PhD) from the Department of Behavioural Ecology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland