Jędrzejewski W., Nowak S., Kurek R., Mysłajek R. W., Stachura K., Zawadzka B., Pchałek M.

Animals and Roads. Methods of mitigating the negative impact of roads on wildlife

Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences
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This book deals with conflicts between nature conservation and the development of transportation infrastructure. Using examples from Poland and elsewhere, the authors show how the negative impact of roads and railways on animal populations and their habitats can be minimised or mitigated. Poland is one of very few European countries that still have extensive natural habitats and vital populations of rare animals, including big charismatic mammals such as European bison, moose, brown bear, wolf, and lynx.

The authors’ goal is to provide basic knowledge on interactions between roads, railways, and wildlife, and help make good decisions on road location and mitigation measures. The book is recommended for readers from institutions and organizations dealing with nature conservation, land-use management and planning, as well as road and railway investors and designers. It will also be useful as educational material for teachers and students of biology, environmental conservation, forestry, wildlife management, and related disciplines.