Zuzanna Hałat
Academic title:
Ecophysiology and Behavioral Ecology
dr hab. Ireneusz Ruczyński
Education and scientific degrees
  • MSc: 2009, University of Wroclaw, Department of Biological Sciences, Biology (Zoology)
  • MSc: 2012, Edinburgh Napier University, Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences, Wildlife Biology and Conservation
Research profile

The main scientific interest of Zuzanna lies in mammals behaviours. Her master study investigated impact of tourism on chamois Rupicapra rupicapra tatrica in Polish Tatra Mountains. Currently, she is conducting her PhD project researching social behaviours of male parti-coloured bats Vespertilio murinus in Bialowieża Forest and Bieszczady Mountains.

Research projects
  • The best of the bad compromises - Evolutionary factors shaping male sociality. Investigator