Cecilia Tomasulo
Academic title:
PhD Student
Population Ecology
prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Schmidt
Education and scientific degrees


  • 2020: M. Sc. in “Evolution of Animal and Human Behaviour”, University of Turin, Italy.
    Thesis: “Social behaviour in female Alpine chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra rupicapra).”
  • 2016: B.Sc. in Biology, University of Turin, Italy. Thesis: “Mechanisms of host manipulation by parasites.”
Research profile


The goal of my research is to understand how stress induced by predation risk impacts the behavioural and hormonal responses of prey, and how, the resulting chronic stress could lead to long-term changes in nutrient demands of prey that will influence the nature of prey resource choice (selective foraging).

Specifically, the methods I use in my research are analysis of stress levels in ungulates by measuring faecal glucocorticoid metabolites and direct measuring of digestible carbohydrates in plants selected by ungulates.

I am also interested in the eco-ethology of mountain ungulates, especially those found in the Alps.

International experience
  • 2022: Post-graduate Collaborator at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences – Laboratory of Ethology and Physiology (University of Turin).
  • 2021: Internship (Erasmus Traineeship+ scholarship) at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (Conservation Ecology Arctic fox Research Group) within the Arctic fox Captive-breeding programme.
  • 2021: Post-graduate Collaborator at Wild Exotic Animal Foundation – Department of Veterinary Sciences (University of Turin).
  • 2020-2022: Volunteer for the National Monitoring of the Wolf within the LIFE WolfAlps EU project.
  • 2019: Internship at Gran Paradiso National Park in the long-term project on Alpine chamois eco-ethology.
  • 2018: Coaching period at Gran Paradiso National Park in the long-term project on Alpine chamois eco-ethology.